The Warrior Within ...
A candid and powerful glimpse into the world of Autism from the prospective of  resilient moms, who open up and tell it like it is ... The  struggles, laughter, joy, and wisdom.

This site was inspired by the Honorable [but naive] Judge Kolste, who said to the mother of an 11-year-old autistic child  

"Your life just cannot be that different from most,"

by the people who glare and make nasty comments under their breath about our children or our parenting skills in line at the supermarket or at restaurants ...and those who treat us and our children with kindness and dignity  even if they don't understand;

by the DAN doctors, therapists, conference promoters, and supplement manufacturers, who still don't have a clue but have made a very comfortable life for themselves by preying on our desperation ...and those who don't prey on our hopes and dreams for our children's recovery; 

by the teachers, school principals, paras, and autism specialists who refuse to listen to us, claiming  they are "the experts" regarding our children ~ when we live and breathe this 24/7 for years prior to even meeting them...and those who listen and support us;

by the relatives and friends who just don't get it... and those whose love and support has sometimes been the only thing we count on;

by family and friends who call and tell us  there is something about autism on Oprah or the nightly news, even though these programs raise our blood pressure and make us nuts.  We really do love you and appreciate your support and concern...but please stop calling us about autism on TV. 

This site is dedicated to the moms [and dads] who never dreamed having an autistic child would require the intuition, courage, patience, fortitude, and inner strength of a warrior to survive daily life and the fight for their child's recovery, education, and acceptance in the world. 

Dedicated to those who have already found "The Warrior Within" and those whose path has just begun... 

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