Nanotechnology: Lyme Disease, Morgellon's, & Autism
New Disease or Man-made Bioweapons ?
Saturday, 09/15/2007
By: J.K. Sparrow

Many children with Autism have tested positive for Lyme Disease.  Some have speculated there may be a connection between Lyme disease, Morgellon's, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,  Fibromyalgia, allergies and a host of other chronic illnesses.  I feel it's entirely possible nanotech mechanisms [chembots] play a role in the nervous system or brains of some children with Autism,  Apparently we have been eating, drinking, and breathing nano-sized chemical robots for quite some time.    

Let's start with most scientifically accurate definition of Morgellons available.  The Morgellons definition article below was authored by Jeff Rense.   You can find it on his website here:

"Note - This is the most generally complete, current profile of Morgellons as we perceive and define it based on clinical lab data and extremely advanced research being done by a small group of heroic, brilliant private sector scientists and physicians. - Jeff Rense

Morgellons Disease - April 2007

A communicable nanotechnology invasion of human tissues in the form of self-assembling, self-replicating nanotubes, nanowires, nanoarrays with sensors, and other nano configurations, some carrying genetically-altered and spliced DNA/RNA. These nano machines thrive in extreme alkaline ph conditions and use the body's bio-electric energy and other (unidentified) elements for power.  (People should *not* strive for an acidic ph - they should work for a normal pH of  7.5 +/-).  There is some evidence these tiny machines possess their own internal batteries. They are also believed to be able to receive specific tuned microwave, EMF and ELF signals and information. To what end is not known. The symptoms vary from open skin lesions from which colored or plain fibers emerge, which do not scab normally, heal extremely slowly and never become bacterially-infected -- to brain fog, fatigue and depression, etc. It is also established that Morgellons nano machines are commonly found in all body fluids, orifices and often even hair follicles, and are believed to routinely achieve total body systemic penetration. It is reported by nearly all afflicted that Morgellons nano machines seem to have some kind of hive or 'group intelligence.' Communicability appears to be possible/probable through shedding of the fibers by the infected and through all normal bacterial or viral vectors. Some fibers have been shown to withstand temperatures in excess of 1400 F, routine sterilization for Morgellons nano machines in all reusable medical/dental medical equipment and instruments is moot. There is also strong evidence linking Chemtrail aerosol fibers to Morgellons fibers although proof of transmission through aerial spraying remains anecdotal. "  

Jeff Rense [gutsy radio host] of has been leading the way in getting the message out publicly about nanotechnology and Morgellons, hosting ten radio specials about Morgellons.  In March and April 2007 he broadcast and published groundbreaking and extremely capable research lead by Dr Hildegarde Staninger.  Dr. Staninger's team based their findings on scientific techniques including electron microscopy, energy dispersive spectroscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and Fourier transform Raman spectroscopy.  

The team's findings were beyond disturbing.  These cellular, molecular and biochemical nano constructs are less than 1/100,000th the thickness of a human hair. So small, they easily pass through the blood/brain barrier, the filter system of our lungs, and skin. These infinitesimally small chemical robots have no cell walls, no nucleus, and no organelles.  How does one destroy something that doesn't have "life" by current scientific definitions?

The nanoconstructs or "chembots" associated with Morgellons disease carry genetically-altered and spliced DNA or RNA that seem to thrive in an alkaline environment.  This sounds like genetically modified BT (bacillus thuringus) on steroids, except by scientific standards, these aren't alive. 

In the article by Jeff Rense, above, there is some evidence that these Morgellons nanomachines are configured to receive specific tuned microwave, EMF and ELF signals or radio data.  Is there a HAARP/GWEN Tower connection here?

In Rense' 10th radio program on Morgellons, he related a conversation held years ago between  himself and  Douglas Mulhall, nanotechnology research expert. Mulhall said "I hate to tell you this Jeff, but I have to tell you the truth.  Two of the simplest things to build, atom by atom, are little nanotech machines that have as their sole function, the utter construction and destruction of living cells." 

In the same interview, Hildegarde Staninger, Ph.D. stated that she presented her peer-reviewed paper titled  "Morgellons:  A Nano 911 or An Invader"  before the National Registry of Environmental Professionals at their Annual Conference held on 09/06/07 in Houston, Texas.  She chose this because these people will eventually end up having to clean up this mess from the environment.

In her presentation,  Dr. Staninger explained that Xenobiotics are other chemicals that come from the original compounds introduced to the cell; and further, that Xenobiotics could be formed from these foreign invaders. She stated these compounds are readily absorbed through the skin, the lungs, and the gastrointestinal tract.

She stated further that these foreign invaders have an affinity to the Lipotropic portion of cell membranes  which seem to be an easy transport system for nanoconstructs. The lipophilic action inhibits the vitamins, nutrients, and oxygen, prohibiting the cell  from eliminating toxins or foreign invaders...Effectively suffocating the cell. 

When you hear Dr. Staninger  describe this, your brain just has to be thinking Krebs cycle [mitochondrial  respiration] abnormalities, also associated with Autism; particularly, if your autistic child has been diagnosed with this problem.

Toxicity levels then build up at a cellular level causing a host of interference with enzymatic processes which are typically associated with the liver.  Morgellons patients often have liver and bile duct problems, inflammation, excessive fatigue and sleep constantly.  Dr. Staninger then queried "Are they sleeping because their bodies or cells lack oxygen, or because many of these Xenobiotic compounds break down into carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide?"  

These foreign invaders easily evade the radar of the immune system; therefore, no immune response is triggered and mounted by the body.   

Think you don't have Morgellon's because you can't pick strange colored fiberoptic fibers out of your skin?  Not necessarily so.  Symptoms of Morgellons can begin in joints, lungs, or other internal organs, regardless of whether or not you have ever experienced the skin lesions or the associated fibers that have been so well publicized on the internet.

Dr. Staninger stated in her radio interview with Jeff Rense on 09/17/07 that she has developed a list of 90 symptoms.  If you have even half, there is a good chance you may have Morgellons.  She states that she suspects there is a connection with water contaminated with these as well.  

Morgellons symptomatology got my attention because my autistic son has similar issues.  Notable Morgellons symptoms such as short-term memory loss, word finding and speech difficulty, eccolalia, and other neuropsychological aspects which can impede brain function, causing emotional and behavioral changes, changes in vision, confusion, fatigue, tics, even seizures...The list goes on and on. 

The neuropsychological issues associated with Morgellons cost Oakland A's pitcher Billy Koch his career.  Beyond the odd psychological symptoms, he states he suffered from muscle twitching that often kept him up all night [my son with autism has this symptom as well].  Koch's wife and three children also have Morgellons.  This family has spoken out publicly about their heartbreaking ordeal on numerous occasions.  Dr. Uppal gave the Kochs and fifteen other patients a powerful anti-parasite medicine and antibiotics that helped temporarily. But the symptoms come back.  Testing of the filaments brought no results, according to Dr. Uppal: "I've seen it; sent it to the lab. They can't identify it. They'll say 'They're nothing.'"

During the 9/17/07 Rense broadcast, A Morgellons patient described her difficulty with speech by saying that what she thought she was saying  and hearing herself say in her head,  was not what was coming out of her mouth.  She did a lot of public speaking in association with her job.  Luckily she had a boss who often stepped in to save her.  She went on to describe that she developed eccholalia.  As you can imagine, this would be problematic when you are a professional dealing with clients.  I don't know how common eccolalia is outside of autism, but as you can see, there are more than just a few similarities in symptoms. 

Nanotech research and development has been running rampant throughout the world virtually devoid of  oversight since the late 1980s... Just when the first Morgellons patients were being told they were crazy and were imagining their symptoms. 

Keeping a precise tally of the number of children who have been diagnosed with autism is difficult.  Not many will deny the rate of autism remained relatively stable for many years, until an explosion of cases began slowly catching the attention of schools, parents, and physicians between 1994 and 2004. 

This  appears to be the roughly the same time Morgellons was rearing it's ugly head.  It's also the same time frame a lot of chronic diseases considered autoimmune related increased  dramatically, i.e. allergies, juvenile diabetes, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, lupus, and multiple sclerosis.  Are these conditions [in some people] the result of an assault on the body by these nano-sized chembots?

Just how far nanotechnology has advanced since the late 1990s is anyone's guess.  If we are judging by the rate at which personal computers have advanced in that same time period, it could be mind boggling.

Questions, questions, and more questions...

If Morgellons is indeed nanotechnology as the latest scientific findings suggest, and these nano-sized chemical robots are capable of taking over biological systems, one has to ask if they were inadvertently released via air, water, soil, food or deliberately sewn amongst living organisms and by whom?      

Even if we nail down the answers regarding  Morgellons, will we be able to stop this?  According to those who examined specimens at the National Institute of Paracytology, these cannot be bacteria, nematodes, parasites, or viruses as they lack a nucleus, cell membranes, organelles, or other components by which science determines whether or not something is alive. How many of us currently have chembots floating around in our cells without our knowledge?  How does one rid the body of something that you cannot destroy with known antiviral, antifungal, or antibacterial agents ?   

Whether or not those suffering from Autism are found to have chembots, it seems certain the number of people who have ingested these nano-sized chembots will grow exponentially as the nanotechnology industry continues to advance.  Given the scope of damage that could be inflicted on all life forms, let's hope a nanotechnology company with a conscience will step forward and agree to help find some answers.  

Please take the time to educate yourself and form your own opinion regarding this information.  The link to all ten Morgellons Specials (audio) as well as supporting articles, pictures, and videos can be found at the following link:


Curious about the credentials of Dr. Hildegarde Staninger?  Her bio can be accessed here or read below:

"Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, Ph.D., RIET-1
Industrial Toxicologist/IH and Doctor of Integrative Medicine

Dr. Hildegarde Staninger is the author of the international environmental bestseller the Comprehensive Handbook of Hazardous Material: Regulations, Monitoring, Handling & Safety, Lewis Publishing/ CRC Press. She is among the leading international scientists in the field of industrial toxicology and has pioneered the use of biological monitoring tests for targeting organ exposure to parent compounds, metabolites and their xenobiotics.

Her research has opened the door of proteinomics, enzynomics and genomics through her research as recognized by John Hopkins University/Pandey Lab and Harvard University Medical College’s small molecule genome.

She has been former presidents’ of the Florida Chapter of the American Industrial Hygiene Association and founder of the International Academy of Toxicological Risk Assessment (IATRA), which celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2005.

She was the first Registered Industrial Environmental Toxicologist by the National Environmental Professionals organization, a Certified Safety Executive by World Safety Organization and Inspector General for the International Environmental Intelligence Agency (IEIA) a division of World Life Research Institute. Her current academic appointments include Research Coordinator and Assistant Professor for the Research Department at Capital University of Integrative Medicine, Washington, D.C. Her present research activities include the applications of far infrared and oak wood charcoal vinegar in maintaining cellular integrity and cellular detoxification via lymphatic and molecular endocrine systems.

In addition to her decades of research involving the signature harmonic reflectivity of cellular resonance for increasing cellular integrity, she has focused on addressing the appropriate countermeasures for cell dysfunction, injury and death through cellular tera hertz phono photons- “cellular cosmic star bursts.” Dr. Staninger is recipient of two Presidential Awards from Mr. Walter Lowry, Martin Marietta Orlando Aerospace President for her work involving “Pregnant Women in the Workplace” and the “Increased Risk of Genetic Mutations in Contaminated Ground Water.”

She has been awarded the prestigious 7th U.S. Army and Greater Stuttgart community award for her work in preventing increased chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) during Operation Desert Shield from the Kuwaiti burning oil fields during Desert Storm."


The link to all ten Morgellons Specials (audio) as well as supporting articles, pictures, and videos can be found here just below the photo:

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