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Our Rules
1)  Don't email bitching about our foul mouths, our opinions, or our politics. . .
We collectively don't give a rat's ass :)

2)  Most people appreciate constructive criticism; we don't live like most people, so don't bother emailing us to rag on us. . .We guarantee you won't like our response LOL 

3)  We check our email when the thought crosses our mind. . . and not before. We admit to being inconsistent.  Nothing in our life is consistent.  We've learned to embrace inconsistency.  If you have any bright ideas about how you can get the thought to cross our mind before it actually does, we're all ears :)   

5)  Please don't email us about the latest "flavor-of-the-month treatment" that will "cure" our children.  We already did it years ago.  They already have all our money. When we hear of something that passes our razor-sharp intuition and jaded been-there- done-that minds, we'll let you know. 

6)  We don't care if you "cuss" or "swear" about anything you like, but don't attack others here, UNLESS we do it first...Then feel free to jump on the bandwagon.

7) We've become aware that we missed Rule #4.  Damn, we lost track of where we were; Arrrrrghhhh!  There is no going back now!!! Is it too early to have a drink ?

8)  We reserve the right to change our mind at any given moment and to be wishy-washy about any damn thing we want.  We are old enough, wise enough, and mature enough to have learned that we don't have to have an opinion about every damn thing.  Who has time for that shit anyway?

9)  You have probably noticed that these rules are written in stone.  If we decide to change them, we will invoke Rule #8.

10) We used all our energy dreaming up the first nine rules; so, we'll let you know when we come up with Rule #10.  It's so rare in life to be able to actually make the rules...we're relishing every fricking moment LOL  :)
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