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Our Kids
We love our children just as you love  your children, but day-to-day life for parents of children with autism more closely resembles a strange alternate reality.  We cannot expect you to imagine what this is like, for us or for our children, unless we let you know just how different our world really is. We don't want sympathy.  We  are looking for understanding and acceptance for our children and ourselves.

Below you will find our personal accounts of life with our special kids.  We hope this will help others gain perspective about life with autism both for ourselves and our children.    
Click the links below to read real-life experiences of the parents who live and breathe this alternate reality 24/7.
We've only just begun.  Please help us get this page going. Parents please submit your story to us by  email.  Our hope is to get a more complete picture of what life is like for us and our children. 

Just click the submit button below.  You can submit pictures,  or short video or audio clips if you feel it will help tell your story,  Your identity will remain anonymous.  See our privacy policy at the bottom of the page as well.
Our Kids ~ Our Stories